With Over 40 years of experience, serving southeast Wyoming, northern Colorado, and western Nebraska we provide:

  1. Tuning (should be done once a year)

  2. Voicing (harden or soften hammers to control tone)

  3. Pitch Raise (If it’s been awhile since your last tuning you will most likely need this)

  4. Regulation (adjust and tighten up the mechanics of the piano)

  5. Action overhaul or replacement (depending on how often and how heavy you play, you may need this)

  6. Key-cap replacement (if you have a chipped or broken key-cap, we can repair or replace this)

  7. Key Bushing replacement (as your pianos ages and humidity change your keys may begin to wiggle a little, this is what corrects that)

  8. Lubrication (believe it or not, your piano will thank you)

For pricing and to schedule a tuning, please call 307-637-5222 or email info@niemannmusic.com.

Piano Tuning & Restoration

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